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Cross LoC Trade : Recent Stalemate & Concerns of Business Community

07 January 2012 | Nisar Ahmed Thakur

On Jan 4, 2012 Cross LoC trade was resumed after several weeks of sporadic suspension. The recent impasse in the Cross LoC-trade was witnessed when Central Bureau of Revenue (CBR) officials swung into an action and seized over a dozen goods-laden trucks in November 2011.


Educational opportunities across the Jammu and Kashmir

06 January 2012 | Arif Kamal and Siddiq Wahid

In the last sixty years the divide  in Jammu and Kashmir State has not only estranged those with ethnic, linguistic and cultural linkages on either side of the divide but also further isolated several small but unique cultural enclaves. The issue, no doubt, needs to be addressed at a political level;


Jammu and Kashmir’s first Cross-LoC body of Cooperation Agreement signed on Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry

PRESS RELEASE: Issued from Istanbul, Turkey, on November 29, 2011 – In a major development towards enhancing Cross-Line of Control (LoC) cooperation in Jammu and Kashmir, ten major business organisations including the heads of four major Chambers and Federations of Industries from both sides of divide have decided to form a formal, inclusive and properly elected apex Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Why Azad Kashmir Lags

The News, Islamabad – Wednesday, August 17, 2011 : The recently formed People’s Party government in Azad Kashmir has to confront several challenges, but two prominent issues seek close attention. The first is the stalled process of reconstruction of earthquake-hit areas of the northern part of Azad Kashmir – Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Rawalakot.


Empower Azad Kashmir

05 August 2011 | Ershad Mahmud

The News, Islamabad – Friday : Like every government in Azad Kashmir, the new administration in Muzaffarabad led by Chaudhry Abdul Majeed of the Pakistan People’s Party, will have to deal with demands in the territory that the federal government redefine the relationship between Islamabad and Muzaffarabad.


India asked to repeal forces special powers act in IHK

Chinars’ Old Leaves are Falling Islamabad

Participants of a Civil Society Dialogue titled “Chinars’ Old Leaves are Falling – Fresh Saplings in the 1st Citizens’ Dialogue on Kashmir ” have condemned the recent civilian killings in Kashmir.


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