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Reconciliation and Islamic ways of conflict resolution are at the heart of Qatar’s national policy, says Qatar’s Ambassador

26th March 2021 | Islamabad
‘Reconciliation, mediation and Islamic ways of conflict resolution are at the heart of Qatar’s national policy’ said the HE Ambassador Sheikh / Saoud bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Qatar’s Ambassador to Pakistan during a meeting with a delegation from Center for Peace Development and Reforms (CPDR) led by Executive Director Mr. Ershad Mahmud.

The event was hosted by Qatar’s ambassador to Pakistan, His Excellency Sheikh Saoud Al-Thani who briefed the panel on Qatar’s role in conflict resolution and peace processes in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria & Sudan. He went on to say that economic prosperity, investment in human resource particularly education and peace being Qatar’s only agenda has helped the country in creating a comfortable balance between Qatar’s aspirations and universal humanitarian goals.

While praising Pakistan’s role in conflict mediation in Afghanistan, His Excellency said that Pakistan’s peculiar position in the geo-strategic theatre has nudged the country towards consolidation of its kinetic power which is ever so visible. He further said that despite Pakistan being a potent military force in the region, it has acted with utmost care and responsibility in handling the political crisis in Afghanistan and it is largely because of Pakistan’s sensible approach that the peace process has moved ahead in Afghanistan.

The event was attended by policy experts and academicians from diverse backgrounds. Speaking on the occasion, former Minister of Social Welfare Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Ms. Farzana Yaqoob praised Qatar’s expertise in international diplomacy and asked the honourable ambassador to extend the country’s expertise and knowledge to the strategic community in Pakistan.

Ms. Ayesha Chaudhary, member of Punjab assembly from Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf thanked the honorable ambassador for Qatar’s investment in improving the educational infrastructure in Pakistan where Qatar has announced an educational programme for 1.3 million Pakistani students to be enrolled in 189 schools across the country funded through Qatar’s support.

Concluding the session, Executive Director, CPDR, Mr. Ershad Mahmud elaborated on how Pakistan’s new policy of extending a hand of peace in all directions is inspired by the success of Qatar’s foreign policy and further said that both countries as important members of the world Muslim community have come across a long way to share that vision.

Honourable ambassador lauded CPDR for organizing the talk and enunciated the point that Qatar’s policy of protecting its sovereignty, decision making and an enhanced focus on the principle of non-interference in internal issues of other countries struck a chord with the international community. He said he’s glad to know that an important Muslim country like Pakistan has realized the new strategic vision in time and expressed hope that this vision will deliver goods for the country and region.

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