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Visual Report: Finding a Common Ground to Develop a Youth Policy Pakistan Television (Ptv) aired a report on “Our Youth, Our Future: Finding a Common Ground to Develop a Youth Policy”

Islamabad | 17 Feb 2017

Since all- parties consensus is essential to manage resources and utilize the potential of youth in best possible ways by developing an integrated youth policy, the policy dialogue explored and outlined some of the key challenges and opportunities regarding the future of youth in AJK by indulging the leadership of AJK on one hand and young people from different walks of life, on the other.

It was established that the youth of AJK, comprising about 62% of its total population, faces a range of different issues and challenges including lack of quality education, nepotism, poor social services, insufficient space and level of participation in political and policy- making circles, leading not only to a sense of deprivation but also to huge brain drain.

Providing a platform to illustrate the views and plans of the leadership at authoritative positions, the policy dialogue also drew together information on the aspirations, wishes, fears and hopes of the youth. Consequently, the leadership also shared its plans and strategies for the progress and development of youth.

The Youth Minister, Chaudhary Saeed told that the youth policy for AJK is underway and this session arranged by CPDR is a means to get the feedback and engage youth in the process.
President, Muslim Conference, Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan also emphasized the need for policy -making and opined that the Government cannot do it on its own. Rather it requires an active participation of youth and other parties to achieve the goal.

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